Date: Monday 21. November 2011
Customs and Taxation Law

Customs and Taxation

Customs-duties are leviable on imported and exported goods and may be broadly divided into three categories, namely, ad valorem, specific rate of duty and mixed or composite rate of duty. Regulatory duty is also a form of customs-duty and is levied to meet special circumstances that may suddenly arise such as a sudden rise in the international price of a domestic product to be exported or to give protection to a fledgling home industry, etc

Our Firm actively deals in matters relating with Customs laws and their implications on the importers, exporters and related entities.

Taxation being the major mean of revenue generation with the Government brings along with it a number of disputes between the tax collecting authorities and the tax-payers. Our Firm deals with the matters relating to the such disputes at all levels involving filing of tax returns, disputes related to assessment of taxes, over taxing, contesting matters before the tribunals and Superior Judiciary etc. We also deal in matters pertaining to Sales Tax, including Over-invoicing, penalties, unnecessary/unaccounted for additional taxing, penalties etc.

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