Date: Monday 21. November 2011
Consitutaional And Administrative Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Constitutional Law is the branch of Public Law which deals with the questions relating to the legal character of the state, describes the power- relations that subsist between several organs of its sovereign power, and sets forth its morphology, its structural peculiarities and the principles of its inner dynamism, growth and movement.

The Constitution being the Supreme Law of the land, wherefrom all Organs of the State derive their authority and functions, has always been regarded as one of the most important, legally challenging and interpretively complex discipline. It is the Constitution of any State which creates and delegates offices, authorities, powers and functions.

The attorneys at Nisar & Nisar are actively involved in Constitutional Practice. The firm deals with matters related to the vires of prevalent legislation, enforcement of Fundamental Rights, discrimination against communities/groups/individuals, safeguards as to arrest and detention, slavery, freedom of assembly, movement, association, trade, profession, religion, acquiring property etc.

Matters related to State excesses is also one of our specialties. Our Firm takes pride in its Constitutional Expertise and the vast experience of our attorneys in the Constitutional law. We have a proven record of successful litigation in the Constitutional discipline and are fully equipped to provide all sorts of services in respect of the Constitutional

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Global Award Winner: I have great pleasure in informing you that Nisar & Nisar have been successfully chosen as the winner of the Corporate Intl Magazine 2011 Global Award for: "International Trade Law Firm of the Year in Pakistan"
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