Date: Monday 21. November 2011
Banking and Finance Law

Banking and Finance Law

The Firm's banking attorneys assist commercial banks, thrift institutions, bank holding companies and private corporate entities in navigating and complying with the web of government regulation they face. In addition to day-to-day compliance, our regulatory advice encompasses strategic planning, acquisitions, formation of de novo banks, product development, defense of government enforcement actions, risk management and internal control issues, obtaining regulatory authority to exercise expanded powers, and the negotiation of and compliance with supervisory orders.

We also deal in the matters relating to borrowing, raising and/or taking up of money, the advancing of money, bills of exchanges, documentary credits (UCP 600 & e-UCP)promissory notes, bills of lading, Multimodal Transport Documents, warrants, debentures, underwriting and dealing in stocks, funds, shares, etc.

We also deal actively in litigation for recovery of loans and defense thereof. Our Firm has a distinct place in the market for recovery of loans categorized as over-due non-performing loans. Our Firm also specializes in Guarantees in general and cross-border guarantees in particular.

Our firm has a special “Risk Management Wing” for conducting legal audits, scrutiny, vetting and correction of internal and external documentation of various Financial Institutions, DFIs, Insurance Companies and Corporate entities to minimize the risk they are exposed to.

News & Updates

Global Award Winner: I have great pleasure in informing you that Nisar & Nisar have been successfully chosen as the winner of the Corporate Intl Magazine 2011 Global Award for: "International Trade Law Firm of the Year in Pakistan"
New Offical Website: Nisar and Nisar Proudly Announces The Launch Of Their New and Informative Website
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